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BOLSTER YOUR CASE with discovered digital information!


PRESERVE SENSITIVE EVIDENCE before it is spoliated!

PRESENT IMPARTIAL FACTS on your digital evidence!
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Print-outs of electronic evidence just do not suffice anymore!  Metadata, the hidden data about files that a digital forensics examiner can find for you, is often the most compelling information about the files and e-mails that you want to use for evidence!

Since January, 2003, Eagle Eye Forensics has forensically examined computers, PDAs, cell phones, and other processor-based devices to discover digital data that can be used as evidence.  We serve attorneys, accountants, corporations, private investigators, law enforcement organizations, and others with the following services:RBEagle
  • Digital forensics — Includes computer, media, and network forensics
  • Data recovery
  • E-mail recovery and analysis
  • Security consultations
  • Law enforcement support
Our services save you time and money and benefit your client because —
  • Hidden digital information that may bolster your case can be discovered.
  • Digital evidence is presented in an easy-to-review format.
  • Our experience enables us to select and apply appropriate forensic methods for your needs.
  • Our impartiality protects your case.

Eagle Eye Forensics helps you build a firm foundation for your case.

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